About I.2.K Quest

who I am and why this blog

I have 30+ years of software development experience. I have worked on IBM mainframe computers in basic assembly language and I have developed Windows 3.1 applications with C and the Windows API. Somewhere along the way I made the switch to C++ and then began developing web sites and web applications. These days I get paid to develop .NET web applications using C#.

I learned a long time ago that it is not about the programming language you are using, but what you understand about software development and designing applications that do what the user needs to accomplish. I have dabbled in many languages and development tools and plan to keep learning new ones.

I see the need to focus more deeply on some new technologies and scratch the itch that I feel to get deeper into the understanding of what we are doing with the information technology that seems to be invading our lives more each day. I want to understand how we can be the master of our world and use technology to solve our problems. There is so much technology that I want to "play" with: big data, machine learning, functional programming, and cloud computing - just to name a few of the trendy topics that interest me. This field is a never-ending opportunity for learning.

That is why I have started this blog - to share some of what I have learned over 30 years in this business, as well as to share what I am teaching myself as I work at re-making myself once again. I suspect that the topics will range over a broad area, but that is fine with me. I hope you find this site interesting and thought-provoking, but, for now, this blog is really for me to get where I want to go. I'm looking forward to finding out where that is.